Scholarship Application

This scholarship is open to student athletes graduating from high school who plan on attending post-secondary university, college, or vocational school. This scholarship is awarded by committee selection to a student who exemplifies qualities modeled by Jack Reynolds: scholarship, sportsmanship, integrity, dedication and mentorship.

To apply, please submit the following:

1. A resume’ for grades 9-12, which describes:

  1. Honors you have received (Academic / Athletic)
  2. Co-curricular activities and positions of leadership you have held
  3. Community and school service/volunteer activities
  4. Work Activities (if any)

2. An essay on how School or Athletics has affected you. The essay should, at a minimum, speak to each of Jack’s attributes that you exemplify: scholarship, sportsmanship, integrity, dedication, and mentorship.

3. Attach a letter of recommendation from at least one of the following: Advisor, Principal, Athletic Director, or Head Coach.

4. Sealed High School transcript

5. Completed and signed Scholarship Application - Download PDF